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No Ban Dance Party

April 29, 2017

Dancing as protest to the tune of music & DJs from the seven countries on the original travel ban (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen)

And on the 100th day, there was a dance party.

For the closing night of 100 days of protest action, we celebrated our diversity with a dance party featuring music from countries that the anti-immigrant administration sought to (and ultimately succeeded in) banning. Our killer line-up included Sepehr (Iran-US), DJ Ahmed (Iraq-US), Hagage Masaed (Yemen-US), Aria Rostami (Iran-US) and Daniel Blomquist (US), and Surabhi Saraf (India-US).

We set up a sash-making station to assist the amazing participants in 100 Days Action in rewarding themselves with three months of creative protest.