The People’s Oval Office

We invite participants to envision themselves in the country’s highest position of power to issue an Executive Order that will reshape the world for the better


What would you do in the seat of power? The People’s Oval Office is a re-creation of the office space of the President of the United States made entirely from cardboard. Viewers are invited to sit at the Resolute Desk and to serve as President, if only momentarily. As President, you are invited to draft an Executive Order that will be effective immediately upon signing. What single action would benefit this country at this moment in time? Presidents are sworn in regardless of sex, age, race, socioeconomic status, education, ability, and immigration status. 100 Days Action collects and displays these community-sourced Executive Orders and integrates them into a growing display that reflects the hopes, dreams, and fears of all participants.

The People’s Oval Office was first presented during the midterm election season in partnership with Mi Familia Vota, a national organization that engages Latinx communtities, at a number of events in Modesto CA. It was constructed at CCA’s Hubbell St Galleries as part of For Freedoms and the exhibition Take Action, Oct-Nov 2018.