A debate featuring comedians performing the role of San Francisco’s Mayoral candidates attempting to spin actual informative quotes to answer off-beat, but pertinent, questions.

May 14, 2018

"If you go to one debate this election season, go to a real one. But also go to this one." --San Francisco Chronicle

What exactly is the difference between the candidates for mayor of San Francisco? 100 Days decided to find out at the final unofficial public appearance of the top 3 candidates London Breed, Jane Kim, Mark Leno. Part debate, part gameshow, stand up comedians (Dobbins, Fatka, and Tu) took on the role of each candidate. delivering answers to your pressing questions using actual quotations from the campaign trail.

Written by 100 Days Action
Director Michael Hunter
Emcee Baruch Porras-Hernandez
”The Lovely Vanna” Raphael Noz
Candidates Karinda Dobbins, Krista Fakta, Irene Tu
Emperor Norton Jody Frandle